Buying Guide: Distance Measuring Devices

Tim Rouse

21 March 2022

Getting accurate readings out on the course, instead of just going from feel or markers, gives us confidence before hitting that shot. It will also help improve the results. For that reason, isn’t it worth making sure you’ve got the best device in your bag?

Bushnell Phantom 2 Handheld

If you’d rather a device you can attach to your bag, attach to your belt buckle or slip in your pocket, this handy little device is perfect. But don’t let the convenient, easy-to-use design fool you – the Phantom 2 is packed full of advanced technology. Perhaps the most impressive is GreenView, which allows you to move the pin around the green for dialled-in distances on 38,000 pre-loaded courses.

Bushnell Phantom 2 handheld GPS
Bushnell Phantom 2 handheld GPS

Bushnell V5 Slim & V5 Shift Rangefinders

These rangefinders are ultra-precise with the readings, and they even make it easy for you to get those readings as PinSeeker locks onto the flag for you and JOLT technology means it vibrates to let you know you’ve definitely found the flagstick instead of a pesky background tree! You can actually magnify the target as many as six times, while the UV-protected lenses let you enjoy all these features in the sunshine.

While you can find all of these features in the Bushnell V5 Slim, you get all of that and more in the V5 Shift. The Shift model has 'Slope-Switch' technology, which takes slopes into account for on-course readings. This can easily be turned off for tournament-legal play, however.

All of these distance-measuring devices are fantastic for advancing your game and making you more accurate, so it’s just a case of what features you want and need. Browse the products available in our Click & Collect website, and get them delivered to the pro shop to pick up at your convenience.

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